Used High Quality Inline Skate and Protective Gear For Sale!

Students take First Dibs!

  • We are making way for the new modern latest cool kids and adult skates and equipment in our lineup. Keep an eye out on our skate shop page. For those who want slightly new vintage high quality inline skates and gear, we are selling the following at reasonable prices.  Prices vary related to equipment condition. Get them while they last! If you want new, contact us with a pre-order!
  • Rollerblade size 12 x 2,
  • Rollerblade size 11 X 2,
  • Rollerblade Size 9 X 1,
  • K2 size 9 women’s X 1
  • Rollerblade 8 x 2,
  • Rollerblade  Size 7 X 1,
  • Rollerblade Size 6 women’s X 1,
  • Rollerblade Size 5 X 3,
  • Rollerblade size 2 to 5 X 1
  • Rollerblade size 12 to 2 X 2,
  • Rollerblade microblade size 13 X 1,
  • Rollerblade Junior Protective Gear: elbow, knee and wrist. $6 per unit,
  • Medium Small Protective Gear: Elbow, knee and wrist,  $6 per unit,
  • Rollerblade Medium Protective Gear: Elbow, knee and wrist, $ 6 per unit,
  • Rollerblade Large Protective Equipment:  Elbow, Knee and Wrist, $6 per unit

Contact Us with interest.

ROBICHON’S Is instructing during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have implemented policies to keep us safe during our lessons.  During this unprecedented time, we are limiting our lessons to private  lessons only.  During private lessons we will practice recommended practices to prevent disease transmission such as social distancing, wearing masks, washing our hands.  Please contact us to schedule your private lesson of no more than 5 today.


ROBICHON’S  is always seeking new hospitable locations to grow the sport of inline and roller skating. Please  contact us with new location ideas to offer a safe, efficient and effective introduction to the magical world of outdoor inline / roller skating!. Locations can be in or out of state. 10 participant minimum.