Trail Skate (TS1/2)


Our beginning Trail Skate Clinic is the first in the world and a fantastic introduction to inline trail skating.


For individuals who are comfortably balanced while on skates and able to use the heel brake to a complete stop at mild to moderate speeds on flat terrain, but not on hills. Or, students who have successfully completed skate skills in our Improver Clinic; OSB 1 and 2; 3 is also helpful but not mandatory.


We skate the hill (with a friendly escort) leading to Lake Nokomis followed by a leisure three mile skate around Lake Nokomis, a fantastic trail caressing the perimeter of one of Minnesota’s famed “Chain of Lakes”.

What you will learn:
  • Stopping on a hill (with an escort);

  • managing speed on a hill (with an escort)

  • skating up a hill (with an escort)

  • successfully manage terrain changes with ease

  • using grass to slow or stop

  • applying  ROBICHON’S defensive skate position

  • a pre-skate gear inspection, what to bring

  • apply terrain hazard negotiation skills from our proprietary OSB 1 and 2

  • to refine OSB 1 / 2 skate skills

  • trail etiquette

  • how to skate three miles around Lake Nokomis.

  • Individualized instruction from master trainer and skater

  • learn or improve skating on our trails

  • small group learning

  • learn trail etiquette

  • building confidence

  • building community -find others to skate with

  • building self-esteem.


We park and gather in Lake Nokomis Community Center’s parking lot at 2401 E. Minnehaha Pkwy.   We begin trail skate 1 and 2 on the grass near the first hill which descends to Lake Nokomis.