“You have one of the best marathon trainers right in Minneapolis” –

Mark Merschen

“You are amazing and I have seen a lot of skaters in my day”

Vivi – Anne Hulten, Olympic Swedish Figure Skater and Noelle’s coach

“She is the absolute best instructor, ever.” `

Student Judy H. to Former Northshore Inline Skate Marathon Director

“I am impressed with your strength, I am impressed with your skating”

David Cooper

“You are amazing”

Lee Valsvick, Kool 108

“She is a fantastic trainer”

Former Mayor Randy Kelly

“She is an excellent skater”

– Stevie Kay

“You give killer lessons”

Erik Perkins, Sports Anchor, Kare 11

” Noelle was fantastic – Great Teacher!”

– Jill Naegele Trautz, daughter to Robert Naegele Jr.

” I like your style not only your teaching style but your personal style as well. I think I found a good match”.

– Adult Student

“You’ve got a great sense of humor, playful and yet professional too!”

– Joanne S.