Minnesota was named the “Best Trail State” in the nation by American Trails, a national trails group.

World-leading master inline skate instructor, Noelle Robichon has skated most of the famed Minnesota trails.  She is now creating trail reviews as a guide for:

  • Students who have taken our classes.
  • Adventurous skaters who are traveling to Minnesota and would like a trail guide specific to inline skating.

For inline skating trail descriptions, access, maps and difficulty ratings click on the preferred links:

Baker Park Reserve Trail

Big Rivers Regional Trail (Mendota Trail)

Brown’s Creek State Trail

Dakota Rail Regional Trail

Hyland Lakes Park Reserve

Hardwood Trail Regional Trail

Sunrise Prairie Regional Trail

Rush Creek Regional Trail

Gateway Trail (Coming Soon)

  • Disclaimer: Always skate with caution as skate surface conditions change from day to day season to season due to weather changes. 
  • Note: While skating trails, it is always important to stay alert to, and effectively negotiate trail debris. Trail debris can include: sticks, twigs, rocks and pebbles, leaves, sand, water (often found after rain under tree canopies), paint, broken uneven pavement, metal grates, wooden bridges.
  • Take a Lesson:  Navigating trails on inline skates is not intuitive.  We recommend inline skate lessons from experienced qualified instructors prior to skating outdoors. Further we recommend the following courses:   Beginner and Improver Clinic followed by our Trail Skating Clinic.
  • Follow the skater’s rules of the road: Always skate in control and know your ability level.
  • Ensure skate equipment is appropriate and in good working condition. 

For more information on American Trails, click here.