Standard Course Descriptions

ROBICHON’S Standard Recreation Curriculum is the world’s first comprehensive outdoor skate curriculum with proven outdoor skating techniques and teaching methods all developed by world leading skate instructor, Noelle Robichon. The course offers Robichon’s 10 stopping techniques. Yes, 10!

Outdoor Skate Basics (OSB 1 through 4): are our standard inline (rollerblade) skate skills essential for safe and effective outdoor skating.  The main objective of our Outdoor Skate Basics is to inspire confidence and empower  student’s to skate successfully outside by creating a safe, fun, and positive learning environment, which we do!  As quads have gained in popularity, and without any formalized instruction program available,  ROBICHON’S integrated quad (roller skate) instruction for quad enthusiasts.  The course is progressive, with each new level building on the previous and includes three strategically placed trail skating classes.  ROBICHON’S also offers a customized ‘stepping stone’ approach, where the skater is assessed by ROBICHON’S trained skate instructors and guided to the next appropriate skill development — step, based on need.   When the student successfully completes ROBICHON’S  OSB 1, 2 and 3,  they graduate to our first trail skating class, and so on…

If you ever wanted to begin to inline (rollerblade) skate, master your fears, maximize your workout or build confidence, now is your chance.

Outdoor Skate Basics 1 (OSB1)/Level 1: “Get Rolling 1”.

We focus on balance, ROBICHON’S primary skills, equipment orientation,  preventing falls, how to fall, getting up from a fall, other safety skills, and the beginnings of ROBICHON’S primary functional skills of basic movement, slowing/ stopping, turning and terrain negotiation techniques.

Skill Level: Beginners – Never skated

* (if you are particularly anxious about taking an inline or quad skate lesson for the first time, we highly recommend considering a private lesson with a ROBICHON’S  junior or senior skate instructor. )

Outdoor Skate Basics 2  (OSB2)/Level 2: “Get Rolling 2”.

In OSB 2 we review, refine and build off skills introduced in OSB 1.  In level 2 our focus is honing skills and developing versatility with our movement, slowing/stopping, turning and terrain negotiation techniques.

Skill Level:  Beginner Intermediate; rolling but do not know how to stop are untrained, self-taught and/or need a skate refresher

Outdoor Skate Basics 3 (OSB3)/Level  3:  “Feelin’ Kinda’ Rolly”

In OSB 3 we develop stride efficiency,  more efficient higher speed stops and maneuverability.  Some specific skills include: 1/2 swizzles, one-foot skating, heel stop 3, quick stops, parallel turns and the teeter totter maneuver.

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner 1

Outdoor Skate Basics 4 (OSB4)/Level 4:  “Putting it all together”

In OSB 4 we put the previously learned skate skills together culminating in basic ski style turns,  gear 2 for more efficient skating and fitness benefits, and ROBICHON’S  brakeless braking techniques.

Skill Level:  Intermediate 1

Trail Skating 1 (TS1): Dealing with hills and trail hazards. Trail Skating 1 (formerly Hill Management 1) is the first trail skating class in the world and includes skate skills and teaching methods Noelle Robichon developed so outdoor skaters can safely and effectively

Hill Speed Management – heel pump stop instruction.

manage hill and trail challenges such as cracks, uneven broken terrain, sand, sticks and twigs, wooden bridges, grass, et al.
In the course,  Robichon’s instructors guide skaters through a pre-skate gear inspection, reviews specific skills from the OSB series, escort skaters up and down mild to moderate sloped hills applying slowing/stopping skills to ensure the skaters’ success. After hill work and/or skating skill development, our instructor(s) skate the group around some of the finest paved trails in Minnesota – Lake of the Isles (Trail Skate 1), then Lake Calhoun (Trail Skate 2) applying terrain skate negotiation techniques,  trail skating etiquette, refining skate skills learned in OSB lessons and increasing skating endurance. Pre-req. OSB 1,2 and 3.

Skate Level: Intermediate 2

Trail Skate 2 (TS2): Making your skating more efficient, we refine movement, slowing/stopping skills while we skate up to six miles from Lake of the Isles to Lake Calhoun and back.

Skate Level: Intermediate 3

Trail Skate 3 (TS3):  Advanced trail skating for endurance. Minimum Distance 12 miles.

Skate Level: Intermediate 4