We are the original inline skate school and a quad skate school. Our founder is from Minnesota, the popularization place of inline skating. She roller skated competitively prior to the development and subsequent popularization of the activity of inline skating. She recognized outdoor skaters were ill-equipped to skate safely and effectively outdoors and other education programs were egregiously inadequate to satisfy the safety needs of outdoor inline skaters.

Subsequently, she has developed outdoor skating techniques, world first inline skating education programs and teaching methods such as the first preschool class.

She has 45 years skating experience in multiple disciplines, 30 years of coaching experience; 45 years of coaching experience when combined with expert coaching in other sports.

We focus on women and children of all ages.

We are local, independent, small-by-design and woman founded and owned.

We teach around the country and globe. Please contact us to set up a camp for your friends and family today!

We also invite you to check out our expanding skate shop today.