Why Take a Lesson?

Top 12 reasons to Take an Outdoor Skate Lesson

  • A lesson is the best way to learn to stop. Using your heel brake is not an intuitive skill and yet stopping is the most critical skill set of the sport.
  • A lesson will help you to attain a solid foundation of outdoor skills so that you can make skating a lifetime activity.
  • A lesson can help you prevent and/or correct bad skating habits you picked up naturally. 99.9 % of competent skaters have very inefficient skating technique.  
  • A lesson can significantly improve your skating efficiency by showing you proper striding technique.  Professional instruction can help existing skaters attain the next level of performance.
  • A lesson is interactive.  An instructor can monitor your performance and provide specific feedback  designed to help you succeed with each new skating skill.
  • A lesson guarantees you will have a qualified instructor.  Well-meaning family, friends and significant others who know how to skate does not mean they are able to teach you how to skate.
  • A lesson is for any age because inline skating is a recreational, lifetime fitness activity.
  • A lesson informs you of your ability level. When skate manufacturers instruct you to “know your ability level”, an instructor informs you of your ability level.
  • A lesson can be social.  When shared with others who, like you, want to learn to skate. Groups lessons can be a blast!
  • A lesson is fun.  Instructors can be great at teaching skating in a fun manner,  taking stress out of learning.
  • A lesson helps build your confidence. Instructors ensure a successful first outing on inline skates.
  • A lesson mitigates injuries.  Professional instruction, skating skill competence and proper protective equipment are three of the most critical aspects that make skating a safe sport.

Robichon’s professional instructor adjusts student’s body position.