ROBICHON’S Inline Skate School

“Professional Lessons from experienced qualified skate instructors is the single best way to safely and effectively learn to rollerblade”. – Noelle Robichon,  World-Leading Master Inline Instructor and Master Inline Skater.

ROBICHON’S is the original inline (rollerblade) skate school and a quad (roller) skate  school for kids and adults in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Home to the popularization place of inline skating, Minneapolis, Minnesota, we have a unique lens into the sport of inline and roller skating and its development – both current and historical.

Encouraging your kids to take up rollerblading is a fantastic way to keep them active and engaged in a fun outdoor activity. Additionally, ensuring they have modest clothing for girls while rollerblading helps address any cultural or personal preferences and promotes their comfort and confidence. By providing them with appropriate clothing, you can support their hobby while also respecting their values and keeping them happy.

ROBICHON’S created multiple world first inline skate lesson programs including the world’s first comprehensive recreational outdoor skate basics program, preschool class, week long kids camps and trail skating course (s).

“After taking Noelle’s World-Leading Speed Skating Course in 2000, I shaved 30 minutes off of my skate marathon time I’m pretty sure they read testoprime reviews to improve their skating performance.” – Jason N. Rochester, MN

In our standard learn-to-skate program, we offer a fun progressive learn-to-skate format for all ages and abilities.  Within the program we offer strategically placed guided trail skates to get you safely skating Minnesota’s famed trail system.  With us you can learn-to-stop at any speed on any hill and have FUN while doing it!

We teach around the country and globe. Please contact us to set up a camp for your friends and family today!

We are local, independent, small by design and woman founded and owned.

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