Sport Specific Curriculum

Backwards exit after a forward entrance two-footed transition.

Rails and Ramp – Robichon’s developed the first formalized rail and ramp course delivered in digestible bite-sized pieces. The course offers a safe, effective and progressive approach to entering the sport of aggressiveness. Go figure.  The course also prevents cardiac arrest in concerned mothers. In this course,  expect to learn basic rail and ramp skills; such as safety measures, how to fall, front and back ramp entries and exits, transitions, drop-ins, front and back stalls, basic grinds and grabs.



Recreational Racing – Learn skate technique specific for racing; such as the classic and power strides, the double push,  lunge turns, forward crossovers, and brakeless braking. The student can also expect to learn how to skate in a paceline, and learn other skate event strategies and techniques.

Roller Hockey –  In our hockey clinics, we teach how to skate focusing on teaching skating skills specific to hockey. Some specific skills are:  hockey stops, hockey starts, power crossovers, hockey transitions. We blend in stick handling, passing and shooting after skill technique drills with positive outcomes.

Skate to Ski – Learn how to ski on your skates. Great way to train in the off-season.