Skate for Sarah

         FREE Basic Inline Skate Lesson     “Keep the Rubber on the Road”

Robichon’s will be teaching random free inline skate lessons as a  benefit for Sarah in exchange for an optional donation to Operation Smile, an organization our former student and instructor, Sarah Gutknecht volunteered her services to as a pediatric nurse practitioner.

In March 2016,  Sarah was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.   After a courageous, strong and inspiring fight with the disease, at the end of June 2017, with numerous metastases in the liver, Sarah was enrolled in hospice care given six weeks to three months to live.  At the age of 54, Sarah passed away peacefully at her home the evening of August 24, 2017 with loving family by her side.

During hospice care Sarah instructed us to “keep the rubber on the road”.  In keeping with her desire to have us keep inline skating (rollerblading) rolling, and to honor Sarah, ROBICHON’S began offering  thirty-minute free inline skate lessons September 9, 2017 to any new skater or any skater struggling to stop on inline skates.  In exchange, ROBICHON’S requests an optional donation to an organization Sarah strongly believed in, Operation Smile.  Lesson dates, details and sign up can be found below.


“We love you and all of your generous  gifts you selflessly shared with us, Sarah. Your smile and eyes, the windows into a soul with infinite power to heal and love. Thank you for touching us so deeply with your endless genuine care and concern for others. Rest assured, until we see you again, your legacy will continue with all those you touched and beyond.  Until then, you will be greatly missed” – Noelle Robichon, Skate School Director

Media Attention:

Sarah was featured in two media outlets, one of which was Angela Davis’s WCCO 4 Life Story segment:

Event Details:

  • Next Skate 4 Sarah FREE Basic Clinic

May 10, 2018

What You Will Learn:

The basics of Inline Skating: Balance, safety and equipment orientation, movement forward,  slowing and stopping. Introduction to sport specific inline disciplines.

*Professional Lessons from qualified instructors are the single best way to safely and effectively get rolling.

Free Class Times:   6 PM to 6:30 PM,  6:30 PM to 7:00 PM.

We have a limit of ten participants per “Skate for Sarah” free class session, so please sign up early.  

Skate and Equipment Rental: We will be offering skate rental  along with wrist guards, elbow and knee pads for a nominal fee of no more than $16.  We also have a very limited supply of helmets. However, for hygiene purposes, we recommend you bring your own helmet.  A bike helmet is the same as an inline helmet and works best as it should be fitted specifically for your noggin’.  For a helmet fitting guide refer to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles blog on sizing and fitting helmets.

Location: The John Rose MN Oval

In order to “keep the rubber on the road”, the John Rose Oval’s superintendent has graciously agreed to allow us to use their state of the art facility, the largest outdoor inline skate rink in the world.

Skate 4 Sarah Sign Up 

Registration is required.  Pre-Registration preferred.  Please use Skate for Sarah Sign up form for a free basic lesson or skate refresher in exchange for a Donation to Operation Smile.

Our goal throughout the year is to raise enough funds for 20 operation smile surgeries. Raising $5000 will pay for 20 free operation smile surgeries.

Click here to SIGN UP for a FREE Skate for Sarah skate lesson.

Click Here to Donate to Operation Smile

Thank you for your support of Sarah, her love for inline skating and Operation Smile.

Baxter Inline Marathon Win
Skate for Sarah sticker created with input from Sarah’s family.