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North American Skate Vacations

ROBICHON’S specializes in North American Skate Vacations. Once you have experienced our world leading skate instruction programs, it is time to benefit from your efforts and explore the world on your inline skates.  If you  would like to learn how to inline skate, and have fun with extracurricular activities, such as golfing, kayaking, biking and more, you can join us on our Learn-to-skate and improve your skating skate vacation in Hilton Head, South Carolina! We would love to have you Roll With Us!

Hilton Head Island Learn-to-Skate Vacation.

  • Hilton Head Island, SC // is a  learn-to-skate vacation on Hilton Head Island.  Hilton Head Island  is a vacation enclave with public trails navigating its entire perimeter. In the resort we stay we have a multitude of private trails which we utilize during the course of our  learn-to-skate adventure.  In addition, we use a large outdoor skate rink which is pristine for safe, effective and fun learning! We would love to have you on our Hilton Head Island Skate Adventure.


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