Robichon's Lessons and Programs

Robichon's is excited to announce a brand new lesson program! Every Tuesday evening from 6-8, a Robichon's instructor will be at the Guidant John Rose MN OVAL in Roseville. For $5.00 you can skate with an instructor and work on your skills. Professional Inline Skate lessons have never been more accessible!

Robichon's offers the following recreational class programs. The Outdoor Skate Basics and Cool Moves course levels are progressive with five pods of new skills introduced in each new level. The five pods are movement, turning and/or transitions, slowing or stopping, safety information, and terrain negotiation / communications. In each new level, new skills will be introduced and exercises provided so you smoothly advance from beginner to intermediate to advanced in our recreational curriculum. The recreational programs maximize safety, learning, fun and fitness on skates; specifically with outdoor skating.

Recreation Classes

Outdoor Skate BasicsTM (Beginner to Intermediate) or OSB Levels 1 - 4

The Outdoor Skate Basics are the essential recreational skating skills carefully designed by Robichon's® to prepare new and untrained skaters for safe recreational and fitness skating outdoors. Our OSB is the first comprehensive outdoor skate basic program in the world. The program works for all ages beginning at age six to adult. The format contains 10 different stopping methods! In our safe and fun learning environment, you will learn inline skate skills that increase your confidence allowing you to comfortably navigate everyday trail and road situations with ease. Even more, our program prepares you best for all our world-leading sport and specialized classes/programs such as marathon skating, skate-to-ski cross training, urban spin and jumps, hockey, ramp and our famous skate trips and tours. The program is progressive offering four levels with our Beginner Trail Skating Class recommended after mastery of OSB Levels 1 and 2. In each level offered, we introduce new tried and true moving, stopping/speed control, turning and terrain negotiation methods. Some specific skills you will learn are: heel stop 1, quick stop, Y-frame turns 1, 2, and 3, full swizzles 1, 2, and 3, the stabilizer, Robichon's defensive skate position, the heel pump, the three grass stop maneuvers, parallel turns 1, 2, and 3, teeter totters, one-skate skating, half swizzles, classic sculling, basic hop, skaters rules of the road.

Outdoor Skate Basics for Beginners and Beyond runs Saturdays from 11:15a.m. to 12:15a.m. early April to early October at the John Rose MN Oval in Roseville. Stay-Tuned for Winter indoor location and times.

Beginning Trail Skating (Advanced Beginner) with Hill Management Tour or BTS1

Robichon's® Beginning Trail Skating with Hill Management is the first comprehensive trail skating class for inline skaters in the world. The program and skate techniques are carefully designed to learn how to skate confidently on trails with low to moderate graded hills. Our skate Instructors guide skaters through a pre-skate gear inspection, OSB skill warm-up, escort you up and down gently sloped hills applying skills to learn to manage speed with our heel pump stop, quick stop, emergency grass stop, and our inward glide stop methods. We begin to use trail striding techniques including modifying our strides to climb hills and avoid tripping while on real world skate terrain to ensure your first trail skate success. After hill mastery, our instructors skate the group around one of Minnesota's most famous chain of lakes, Lake Harriet; a three mile loop of smooth advanced beginner skate-friendly asphalt, further applying OSB skills assisting you with terrain negotiation, skate etiquette, skate methods, group skating, safety and fun! Ice Cream Anyone! Afterwards we brake for lemonade or ice cream!

Terrain Type: Smooth, flat and gently rolling asphalt hills.

Tour Tips: We require a full set of protective gear including helmet, elbow, knee and wrist guards. Bring skate tools for minor skate repairs, water supply, sunscreen, and a fanny pack for water and tools.

Suggested Prerequisite: Complete OSB 1 and 2.

Next Fun Level: OSB Level 3

The Beginning Trail Skate Class runs once a month from April through September. Contact the skate school director at for dates and details or refer to the class schedule. Roll With Us!


Cool MovesTM (Intermediate to Advanced) or CM Levels 5 - 8

Cool Moves are more advanced skills which enhance ones enjoyment on skates, continue to build skills from our Outdoor Skate Basics Series and further prepare you for sport specific skating such as ramp, spins and jumps, etcetera... the skills you will be introduced to and taught, progressively, are more efficient striding techniques (power stride, and the double-push), backwards movement patterns (including crossovers), spin stops, t-stops, hockey stops/ powerslides, mowhawk turns, lunge turns, transition turns, three turns, two-step turns, and forward crossovers.

For preschool and kid specific programs visit the kids programs page.

Class Schedule

Sports and Specialty Classes

Outdoor Marathon Technical TrainingTM (Intermediate) or OMTT

Robichon's® Marathon Technical Training is unique specialized technical skill training for outdoor speed skaters. It too, is the first comprehensive outdoor technical training for marathon speed skaters. The course is designed to provide new and veteran marathon skaters with comprehensive technical skill sets to maximize workouts, strategic performance, and speed on skates. In these classes, the skater will learn how to perform the three strides of outdoor speed skating (classic, power, and double) as well as forward power crossovers. In addition, skaters learn Robichon's® unique brakeless braking techniques used to slow and / or stop on both flat terrain and graded terrains. Plus, skate marathon strategies are introduced and practiced such as; paceline pulls, rotations, positioning, surges, hill skating, and communication. All skills are broken down into easily digestible progressive exercises to achieve the desired skill. - all ages welcome (assuming they have beginning intermediate level skate skills).

Class runs early April to early October on Saturdays from 12:30p.m. to 1:30p.m. at the John Rose MN Oval. Stay-Tuned for Winter indoor location and times.

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