What is Robichon's?

Robichon's is a world original inline and quad skate school celebrating nineteen years of fun and service to beginner through advanced inline skaters, corporations, municipalities, churches, children's clubs, celebrities, dignitaries and more!

We offer professional inline and quad skate instruction and positive fitness programs for all ages and abilities. We have instructed over 100,000 students to learn-to-skate, learn-to-skate better (generally self-taught skaters) or learn-to-excel well in a sport specific discipline.

Using our unique Outdoor Skate Basic curriculum, we offer new skaters a safe introduction to the magical world of inline skating... the ability to stop anywhere, at anytime on inline skates...with our own ten stopping methods, and a means to continue feeling refreshed and renewed on inline skates with progressive programs including beginning trail skating to fitness skating to inline marathon training.

Our skate instructors are pioneers who are the most experienced skate instructors in the industry today. We are the original inline skate school having developed multiple highly sought after world-first learn-to-inline skate programs in the popularization place of inline skating; Minnesota, including our recreational outdoor skate basics curriculum (with ten stopping methods and other inline terrain skating secrets), the world's first trail skating with hill management curriculum, the world's first preschool inline education program, the world's first summer inline kids camps, the world's first on-skate inline marathon training programs, as well as many other world first sport specific education programs, such as introduction to ramp skating, and other new and needed inline outdoor skate skill techniques designed to keep inline skaters safe and secure outdoors, on trails, on hills, and/or on ramps.

We specialize in recreation (indoor and outdoor skating), skate fitness, trail skating, hill management, marathon/speed training, skate-to-ski cross training, urban spin and jumps, roller derby technique, ramp and rails, skate tours, and t.v.. Not only are we the original inline skate school, we also have the most comprehensive curriculum in the nation.

We are equipped with protective gear and top quality inline skates, size youth 10 to size adult 15, to rent in class or camp before you purchase; a try before you buy experience. In this way, we offer both an independent view and insurance you purchase the appropriate equipment suitable for your skating ability and skating interests.

We welcome you to join us; the original inline skate school, located in the birthplace of inline skating as we know it today; home to The Rollerblade® Company. Tap into our wealth of insight into the evolution of inline skating, inline education, and how it is evolving today.

We welcome you to enroll in a course or host an event and discover the magical world of inline and quad skating with the ease of experienced professional support.


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