Improver (13 and Up)


Begin at improver skate class if you are self-taught, rolling well while skating, but you are unable to use the heel brake stop method well and you do not feel secure on hills.   We will teach you required skate skills to manage hills well, find more power in each push and how to  prevent  and deal with emergency situations.

Some specific skills you will learn are:

  • our heel pump stop,

  • heel quick stop,

  • grass roll to run,

  • grass roll to stop,

  • inward glide stop (“snowplow”),

  • SkateFITness stride (gear 3 and 4) and a trail stride.


The Improver clinic is geared for skaters who consider themselves advanced beginner and above, or have taken our Beginner course (OSB1)  and want to progress to the next level of stopping ability.  We focus on OSB2 /3 skills. See our progression chart.

Bring:   Chair, sunscreen, skates with a brake and the three pads (elbow, knee, and wrist guards) and a helmet (bike helmet is fine).

Next step:                     Trail Skate 1 / 2,  and

                                               SkateFITness Clinic

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