Hyland Lake Park Reserve

Description: Hyland Lake Park Reserve is nestled in a second tier affluent suburb of the Twin Cities area named Bloomington. The trail is mostly smooth pavement with black asphalt. The path follows a loop layout with mild to moderate hills throughout which meander through lakes, trees, prairies and wildlife.

Length: 5.6 miles – One Loop, ` 10 miles – both loops.

Parking and Trail Access: Hyland Lake Park Reserve Visitor’s Center. 10145 E. Bush Lake Rd. Bloomington, Minnesota. Parking is free.

Popularity/Usage: Hyland Lake Park Reserve is somewhat remote offering solitude amongst the lakes, prairies, wildlife, and trees. The trail is mildly used during the weekdays and moderately used on the weekends. Perfect for moderate incline interval training.

Surface Condition: Much of Hyland Lake Park Reserve’s trail is as silky smooth as a newborn’s bottom! Some trail sections are patched with tar which can be hazardous. Inline Skate wheels sink into heated tar patches like quick sand. Do your best to avoid “tar snakes” or patched sections of trail.

Hyland Lake Park Reserve
Hyland Lake Park Reserve is equipped with the smoothest trail available in the Twin Cities for outdoor inline skating.

Scenery: The scenery is filled with trees, lakes, foul and other wildlife.

Water: Water is located at the Visitor’s Center

Difficulty: The trail is a nice choice if you are looking for some solitude and moderate interval hill training. Due to the hills, Hyland Lake Park Reserve has a blue rating or a solid intermediate level skate.

Skate Ability Recommendations: Knowing how to slow, stop and skate up hill is highly recommended. Also important to acquire in lessons is defensive skate skills such as skating alert, speed as your friend, our trail stride (modified gear 2) and our defensive skate position for rolling over metal grates and tar patches.

Reserve Park Lake Hyland
You will encounter an occasional tar patch affectionately coined “tar snakes” by inline skaters as they can sink your ship with swift deceleration. Avoid tar patches. Or use the defensive skate position learned in Outdoor Skate Basics.
Hyland Lakes Park Reserve
The Defensive Skate Position

Fitness Recommendations: Skater must have strength and coordination to self propel up and down hills for at least 6 miles.

Other Nearby Trails: Mt. Normandale Park: Normandale Park is a short trail around a pleasant lake with adjacent connecting trails.

Commentary: Hyland Park is perfect asphalt for a smooth ride on inline skates (yes, due to ease of use on trails, I have deference to inline skates rather than roller skates_ Roller skates shine elsewhere ) and moderate incline hill training. Other outdoor activities available are Richardson Nature Center, 18 course disc golf and The Richardson Nature Center.

Trail Map:

Hyland Lakes Park Reserve Map
Hyland Lake Park Reserve Map

Official Website: Three Rivers Park District – Park and Trails

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  1. Disclaimer: Always skate in control and with caution as skate surfaces change from day-to-day, season-to-season due to weather changes and trail wear and tear.
  2. Follow the Skater’s rules of the road.
  3. Take a Lesson: It is safest to take a lesson before you skate trails. Qualified lessons will assist you in knowing your ability level and skating in control. Take a beginner course or our world-leading trail skate course.
  4. Purchase and use proper equipment: ensure skates are high quality enough to support trail skating and in proper working order. Spend at minimum $180 on recreational skates.

Last Updated: 05/03/20