Robichon's In-line Skate School...

Is committed to promoting safety and developing human potential by providing optimum quality in-line skate instruction, programs and service.

Encourages fun and uses proven experiential teaching methods to educate people of diverse populations in skating safely and with control.

Acknowledges the whole person, encourages a sense of community and ultimately nurtures self-expression through the art of skating.

Moves forth with the hope of effecting healthy change in business.touching lives with sincere compassion and concern for the well - being of all who are in relationship with the school.


Robichon's desires to nurture health (physical, emotional and social) by offering programs which facilitate the development of respect for self and others.

Robichon's values commitment, cooperation, communication, honesty, loyalty, dignity, responsibility, continued development, journey to excellence, safety, fun, strength and development of an all-inclusive community, shared accountability and win-win relationships.

Most importantly, Robichon's values you! Robichon's cares about you!

Company Profile & History

Founded in 1993 by Noelle K. Robichon, Robichon's In-line Skate School-USA continues to experience phenomenal success teaching thousands of students how to in-line skate!

Based in the birthplace of in-line skating, Robichon's taught its first class for 26 people in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Word of mouth spread rapidly and in 1995 Robichon's became one of the first in-line skate school's sponsored by a major in-line skate company. Their spokesperson stated: 'We do not usually sponsor outside companies… however, the feedback regarding Robichon's is so overwhelming, we've decided to fully support Robichon's.' Today Robichon's continues to be a company providing top in-line skate programs.

Today Robichon's is a nationally renowned in-line skate company, providing premier in-line skate programs and positive exercise experiences for all ages, all abilities and all interests! Featured in numerous media venues including: Minnesota and Twin City Sports Magazine, Star Tribune, The Pioneer Press, International In-line Skate Association Spotlight, KDWB 101.3, The Kare 11 Morning Show, Sports News on Channels 4, 5, 9, 11 and more, Robichon's emerged as one of the first and best of its kind! Its instructors are some of the most experienced and highly trained instructors in the business. A handful of master instructors exist in the world today and Robichon's serves the public with two of the first, the few and the best.


Instructor Bio - Noelle Robichon (School Founder and Master Instructor)

Noelle Robichon is the world's most experienced inline skate instructor.

She is a certified personal trainer and uses her athletic experiences and passion for skating to develop skaters and successful teaching methods for all ages and abilities.

She has been described as amazing, gifted, phenomenal, All-American, funny and caring.

Other accomplishments

Noelle Robichon's credentials include:


Instructor Bio - Emmanuel Savage

Emmanuel Savage has been teaching Robichon's methods of inline skate instruction for 10 years! Where Emmanuel's teaching as well as skating skills shine are with kids, in skate to ski training, and urban freestyle/dance classes. In fact, he shines so much with children, for the past four years, he brought (upon their request) Robichon's kids teaching methods to Camp Ripley Youth Camp where he serves as a member of the Minnesota National Guard. Emmanuel has a heart the size of a mountain, as he is a special-education educator in the Minneapolis School Districts, too. Not to be pigeon-holed, Emmanuel, is a National Ski Racer, who competes yearly with Minnesota's Ski Challenge. In his spare time, you can catch him performing one-footed spins, crazy legs, slalom, and other urban freestyle/dance moves at our local Roller Gardens Roller Rink, racing down Minnesota's ski slopes or making voice-overs for commercials. Don't miss your chance to skate with our pro, Emmanuel.

Instructor Bio - Michael Dahms

Coming soon.


"Robichon's is well-regarded." - Twin City Sports Magazine

"Robichon's has one of the most comprehensive programs I have seen" - Inlinenow.com

"Your school is the model for which we all aspire to become" - David Miles Jr., San Francisco, CA

"Robichon's is the most respected skate school around" - Team Florida

"You are a fantastic instructor" - Former St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly

"Robichon's is a popular school" - Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune


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