Professional Lessons from experienced qualified skate instructors is the single best way to safely and effectively learn to rollerblade”. – Noelle Robichon,  World-Leading Master Inline Instructor and Master Inline Skater.

ROBICHON’S is the original inline (rollerblade) skate school and a quad (roller) skate  school form kids and adults in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Home to the popularization place of inline skating, Minneapolis, Minnesota, we have a unique lens into the sport of inline and roller skating and its development – both current and historical.

ROBICHON’S created multiple world first inline skate lesson programs including the world’s first comprehensive outdoor skate basics program, preschool and trail skating course (s).

“After taking Noelle’s World-Leading Speed Skating Course in 2000, I shaved 30 minutes off of my skate marathon time” – Jason N. Rochester, MN

In our standard learn-to-skate program, we offer a fun progressive learn-to-skate format for all ages and abilities.  Within the program we offer strategically placed guided trail skates to get you safely skating Minnesota’s famed trail system.  With us you can learn-to-stop at any speed on any hill and have FUN while doing it!

We teach around the country and globe. Please contact us to set up a camp for your friends and family today!

” I was surprised at the personal attention that was given to every student regardless of skill level!” – Mark K.



February 2021: After years of developing world first inline skating techniques and classes for  inline skaters,  our lead  instructor has taken a indefinite hiatus due to unforeseen,  inhospitable ethically questionable and clandestine forces directed at our school by local, national and international  competitors (both government and corporate) within the emerging inline and roller skate education and event industries.

We are deeply sorry to leave you our customer whom we are indebted as well as our identity; however, the forces are deceptive, possibly fraudulent and VERY difficult to work with as they stonewall, manipulate, attack and deceive with the goal to achieve total subjugation of the school, any school or club and to create a climate where instructors either teach unlimited unpaid lessons for their competing nationalizing skate schools or be dependent on them/their programs for access and  “credibility”. We won’t submit to these conditions. 

Thank you for all you have given to me simply by enrolling in my world first courses and classes over the past three decades.

The skate shop will remain open. Please contact me with skate equipment and accessory needs. We will give you a loyalty discount. And I, personally, will love to assist you with your equipment.

After years of obstructing our business and repeated attempts to absorb and appropriate our skate school, teaching methods and world first programs while simultaneously  attempting to manipulate and extort us into  teaching free lessons for Rollerblade and Zephyr’s free skate lesson program and camp rollerblade entities ,  we give in to the ruthless harassment we have suffered from Rollerblade, K2, Bont, Zephyr Adventures, Mike Cofrin and their associates such as:  events, local clubs and local retailers in particular, Pierce Skate and Ski, Abos Skate Shop, Hoigaards and Adam’s  Inline. Their goal is to force me and you into teaching for free, for their companies, and make me and you dependent and subordinate to them.

In response to the attacks on our school, we  are  sending you directly to our main competitors, Mike Cofrin, Rollerblade and Allan Wright, owners of the International Inline Skate Association, campskateia and working with the governing bodies of USA Roller Sports and US speedskating in process of developing personal business stakes in all of its sub programs such as Skate IA, the Inline Certification Program, Skate Journeys Skate School, Skaters Quest Skate School, SkatePE, the National Skate Patrol,  clubs and teams (Pierce Skate and Ski), races,  associations, government bodies, marathonskating.com, and, of course, freeskatelesson.com (whose websites, as of February 2021, were unpublished and redirected to Allan’s “Zephyr Adventures” flagship companies website.] *4/15/2021 UPDATE:  The managers of Zephyr’s – Marathonskating.com updated the site registration on 4/6/21, they  no longer redirect the site to Allan Wright’s flagship company  Zephyr Adventure. Instead, Zephyr now has the site anonymously “parked”, awaiting my demise and its subsequent “loud” media push through his communications device and media contracts ->  See Inlineskatempls.com. 3/18/21 UPDATE: The IISA/Allan Wright/Marathon
Skating/Skate IA has now unpublished its communication device inlineskatempls.com. The “community” source for skating.  Not Coincidentally, The City of Roseville was telephoned on 3/25/2021 requesting all agreements (formal or informal) with the international inline skating association (inlineskatempls) and all other inline and traditional skating contracts this would include their agreements with Marathon Skating.com, Free Skate Lesson.com and more. Around the time of the  initial request, all websites were scrubbed and redirected to Allan Wright’s Zephyr Adventure flagship site. Now he unpublished “marathonskating.com” altogether, updated the registration to be anonymous and parked it like a lioness ready to monopolize the market.  The city also scrubbed the marketing material explicitly marketing their current agreement with inlineskatempls. To be sure, you can imagine the city is going to say they NEVER had any relationship whatsoever with Allan’s program in any way.  We will see soon their written correspondence.  Make no mistake, Inline Skate Mpls is all Allan Wright and Mike Cofrin – or the IISA and USARS and US speedskating mixed with their personal companies. 3/15/2021 10:10PM UPDATE: The City of Roseville states under law, they have NEVER had any contracts or informal agreements with inline skate mpls or ANY Group, Individual or Organization, including the IISA since 1991.   The City of Roseville has a lengthy history with the International Inline Skate Association, (inline skate mpls) and have current agreements with them today. The John Rose Oval is a publicly funded organization. By law, they are to provide tax payers with accurate data. This did not happen. The city of Roseville is currently deceptively pushing Robichons out of the oval while they have active contracts with Rollerblade company and more.

The pressure is on, to ensure integrity in the inline and roller skating industries so that all skate instructors are ensured a fair living wage, and fair competition for any up and coming instructor, skate school or skate retailer by the owner of the inline skate industry, Allan Wright and Mike Cofrin.

Without informing some members such as myself, or identifying himself, Allan walked into Minneapolis (working closely with Mike Cofrin) and took over the programs, harassed competitors shutting them down and/or and turned the programs into his own. He did this across the country. He then secretly purchased the International Inline Skate Association for $1. He then proceeded to hostily restructure the program in his best business interests with the clandestine assistance of the Skate Manufacturers, the IISA staff including Kalinda Bogue, Kris Frondran, Trish Alexander, Janet Miller Sheehan, other personalities, et al — and local club members he manages as well as Pierce Skate and Ski, Hoigaards, Adam’s Inline, Pinewskis, the skating events…. Many clubs and skate schools across the country were pushed out of business, and/or taken over.

Since I failed to hand over my database to Allan’s deceptive attempts to manipulate me into giving him my database of customers, as he posed as a harmless “tour” company, and refused to teach unlimited UNPAID skate lessons for him and send all potential customers to freeskatelesson.com program (which he has yet to state he owns) for nothing but 10% off a shameless tour I would need to purchase from him, with no guarantee he would not use the database for his own skate school (think Zephyrs Marathon Skating (its site is attainable), and skate journey’s skate school. Get it? Skate Journeys, Zephyr Skate Tours, Skate Journeys, fits just right) he threatened  me and my business.  Ever Since, I have been blacklisted and bullied. Mike, Rollerblade, the Minnesota Inline Skate Club, Adams Inline and many more are deceptively working hard to put me out of business then blame me for the attacks on my school, not to mention hijacking of my money.

Keep in mind the International Inline Skate Association and USARS are the actual sponsors of the free skate lesson program. And then recall Allan OWNS the International Inline Skate Association and has interests in ALL of its burgeoning programs. Allan has not informed all those who are paying him for their certifications and credentials that he owns, is developing and is restructuring said IISA and its programs including the development of SkateIA and races, which the International Inline Skate Association sanctions.  He also has not mentioned he competes directly against the schools, retailers and instructors he credentials.

Locally, much of the restructuring and development of the IISA occurred within Pierce Skate and Ski (although they deny having any coaches, teams or even a club, at the moment.) They do and will formalize once they have subjugated me.

That said, we recommend contacting Bart Pierce of Pierce Skate and Ski whose store has been dubbed the marathon training headquarters with imminent access  to Allan’s, Mike’s and Rollerblade’s active local programs, coaches/instructors, athletes working for the skate manufacturer’s skate schools such as skate journey’s skate school, skatePE, Skaters quest and all things IISA Zephyr, Zephyr camp rollerblade, Zephyr marathon training and Zephyrs free skate lesson program, Zephyrs inline certification program, Zephyr’s, national skate patrol, Allan’s, Minnesota Inline Skate Club and; of course, Mike Cofrin’s clandestine Rollerdome (US Bank Stadium) Skate School.

Zephyr and Rollerblade mandate their certified instructors teach for free for them. In particular for the freeskatelesson.com program and Mike’s Roller Dome Skate School – which is also Zephyr Camp Rollerblade and Zephyr Marathon Training.

Again, important to keep in mind,  Allan did not mention to instructors or the public he owns and profits from all of the IISA programs which work with government entities  and is developing a skate school too. Nor did he mention the board members are restructuring the programs and continue to do so, today.

Bart’s club supporting the IISA has his own clinics, which people paid for in memberships, etcetera. They have developed their own  regional all skill level club and training program to support all levels of skating, including marathons, but not limited to marathons or the iisa. They have active coaches and instructors. They have a team.

Not aware of the connection, I originally offered half price lessons to the “board”. They, Mike Anderson-Stanton and Danny Frederick (rollerblade sponsored coaches) demanded free lessons and deprived our school the opportunity to participate, support, grow or sponsor local events; which presumably are all IISA, USA Roller Sports and USA Inline Racing Programs and or affiliates.

Instrumental in the marathon training program development and demand that I teach free (human trafficking)  are Mike Cofrin, Michael Anderson – Stanton –  (both of whom  fail to answer any of my emails – if you are interested in contacting them for me, please contact me directly, perhaps he will answer your  emails – truthfully), Danny Frederick, Martha Flynn, James Kauth, Chris Lomen (Rollerblade’s transcontinental athlete), Stephen Charrier (global vice president of sales and marketing for Rollerblade, who recently attacked me on the telephone…AGAIN) Karen Bailey (former employee and current contractor of Rollerblade),  Allan Wright and more, many many more of the Rollerblade crew.

February 2021, after I informed Mike Cofrin (and Stephen Charrier) I am aware Allan Wright owns the International Inline Skate Association and commissioned its programs to the other IISA board of directors, who also bought IISA programs for $1, Allan promptly scrubbed the website (many of them, but not all-he is changing others) including the International inline Skating Association,  Zephyr’s freeskatelesson.com, Zephyr’s marathonskating.com, camprollerblade.com) and redirected  them to his flagship company, Zephyr Adventures.

When Mike discovered I am aware he is running training programs and the association through his coaches and close associates,  Mike also scrubbed his website “podiumsportsmarketing.com.”  The company is still running and works very closely with the city of Roseville on inline and roller events.

When Mike Anderson-Stanton became aware I knew he owned inlineskatempls website (this is the international inline skate association plus, disguised as an innocuous non-competitive “community”),  he too scrubbed his name as the sites registrant – but not before the evidence could be captured. UPDATE: on approximately April 18th, 2021 soon after my publishing on the topic of Inlineskatempls website: whoever manages the site unpublished it. Once on the internet the digital footprint remains in perpetuity. Historically speaking, If you want access to the contents of the sites being unpublished, you can attain access to these sites. Be sure to ask why the webmasters are being instructed  to remove or unpublish sites when called to account.

When I declined to teach unlimited unpaid free lessons for Rollerblade, Zephyr and Mike Cofrin’s Roller-dome program (Mike did not mention he has contracts with Roller-bob or Adam’s inline – he instructed people to say they “sponsor” the rollerdome when, in fact, they are his contracted retailers), Allan Wright instructed Rollerblade to call me  and threaten to put me out of business if I did not submit to their demands of allowing them to take over my business and independent teaching methods free of charge, promote their companies free of charge and teach unlimited lessons free for the freeskatelesson.com program, which Rollerblade and Zephyr state they “sponsor”. I was to:

  1. Send all my media contacts to Rollerblade, Zephyr and Mike Cofrin,
  2. send all potential customers to Allan Wright’s freeskatelesson.com site (he did not inform me he owns the IISA or the freeskatelesson.com program and was taking in my money),
  3. teach unlimited unpaid skate lessons once per month,
  4. teach unlimited unpaid 45 minute private lessons if the freeskatelesson registrant was unable to make the once per month class,
  5. place Rollerblade’s and Zephyr’s Logo on the front of my website,
  6. count the number of participants for their sponsors (who are the IISA and USARS)
  7. rent Rollerblade Skates to participant free of charge, without compensation for storing, wearing or maintaining the skates,
  8. wear Rollerblade skates and equipment when I was instructing.

In exchange for signing a contract with the listed contractual criteria, Allan Wright, Rollerblade and Mike Cofrin offered me 10 sets of Rollerblade skates and 10% off a Zephyr Tour.  Keep in mind Allan has a financial stake in the IISA Inline Certification Program and the National Skate Patrol et al. I was ordered to teach for free at the roller-dome, after I had repeatedly requested compensation from Karen Bailey and Mike Cofrin.  It is becoming clear rollerblade IS a skate school and the goal is to force their certified instructors into teaching free for their financial benefit. As a consequence of my refusal to teach unpaid lessons and pay Allan to put myself out of business,  I have been incessantly harassed and blacklisted. Mike Cofrin is taking it upon himself, in coordination with his staff and alliances -which include government entities – to put my company out of business, much like he has done with other businesses and clubs to make way for the forthcoming new empire and new generation of skating.

We think providing unlimited free labor in the form of teaching and maintaining, storing and wearing skates for a clandestine competing and nationalizing skate school, is worth more than paying to work oneself out of business. Essentially, skate instructors are  being hoodwinked into paying to put themselves out of business for Rollerblade and Zephyr’s nationalizing skate schools and programs for nothing but 10% off a tour and 10 sets of skates that market Rollerblade.  Is that price fixing? We think Rollerblade (in collaboration with other skate manufacturers) and Zephyr are exploiting frontline workers labor, and good-will.

When I attempted to negotiate, I was told ‘you either do what we say or we will put you out of business.’

That said, when you pay any of these entities money management platforms such as ‘web scorer/evite/ and/ or PayPal,  ask where your money is going.  This is your chance to take back the power from corrupt organizations and give it back to the people.

We are deeply appreciative of every student and customer who has supported us throughout the years. We never would exist without you, ever. And we will miss all of you.

However, as described, the climate in the  U.S. inline  and roller education and event industry is hostile to competition, potentially fraudulent, and is instead trending towards a monopoly and oligopoly for Zephyr, Rollerblade (other skate manufacturers),  USARS, the IISA, US Speed Skating and close associates.

You can contact Allan Wright at the International Inline Skate Association’s  website at iisa.org.     His staff received and fielded inquiries for the IISA in February 2021 and I am certain they can continue to field those emails and telephone calls today.

You can contact Mike Cofrin, owner of the longstanding clandestine Rollerdome Skate School and much more at mike@podiumsportsmarketing.com or roller-dome.com, rollerbob or the St. Paul Inline half marathon, any marathon director can connect you to Mike Cofrin.

BTW: The Minnesota Inline Skate Club, which Allan and Mike govern,  is clandestinely your local chapter of the national skate patrol, which works with the DNR. (To date, they have failed to publish their full board of directors)

Again, ask where your money is going when you pay webscorer or similiar within the inline and roller industries.

Thank you again for all of your support.  And we wish you the best of luck finding a qualified instructor/coach that suits your needs.

As the empire deceptively states: I am “retired” from teaching, until… right Liz Miller?! For lessons and training go to https://adamsinline.com/pages/clubs-and-training.

Now go promote your programs Allan and Mike, including your Roller-dome skate school.    Put them all out there. I am out of the education business now, so, Mike, Allan, MN Skate Club, Eddy—-





right into your coffers—

But by all means. If they are unknowingly paying you for membership and credentials and are “the best in the country” then pay them (instructors) more than 10% off a tour they don’t want along with your total subjugation of their life’s work. Threatening people to sign contracts  for free labor or destroy them is extortion, if not human trafficking!

We wish you the best on your “skating journey” with Allan Wright’s skate school Skate Journeys.  And please consider supporting a truly independent woman owned online retail skate shop going forward.