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Our skate classes/camps are world-leading.  We have developed the first  comprehensive recreational inline (rollerblade) outdoor skate curriculum in the world.  As quads have gained in popularity, and without any formalized instruction program available, we have also integrated quad (roller skate) instruction for both indoor and outdoor quad enthusiasts.  The course is progressive and includes 2 strategically placed trail skating classes. Each course builds on the previous level.  When you have successfully completed our OSB 1, 2 and 3, the skater graduates to our first trail skating class; which is the first in the world of its kind and includes skate skills we developed so outdoor skaters can successfully manage hills and trails; ultimately, mitigating potential injuries while engaging in the sport you love (or will come to love):

Outdoor Skate Basics:  (coming soon)

Outdoor Skate Basics 1 (OSB1):

Outdoor Skate Basics 2 (OSB2):

Outdoor Skate Basics 3 (OSB3):

Outdoor Skate Basics 4 (OSB4):

Trail Skating 1: Hill management and trail hazard negotiations.



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