Professional Lessons from experienced qualified skate instructors is the single best way to safely and effectively learn to rollerblade”. – Noelle Robichon,  World-Leading Master Inline Instructor and Master Inline Skater.

ROBICHON’S is the original inline (rollerblade) skate school and a quad (roller) skate  school formlm kids and adults in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Home to the popularization place of inline skating, Minneapolis, Minnesota, we have a unique lens into the sport of inline and roller skating and its development – both current and historical.

ROBICHON’S created multiple world first inline skate lesson programs including the world’s first comprehensive outdoor skate basics program, preschool and trail skating course (s).

“After taking Noelle’s World-Leading Speed Skating Course in 2000, I shaved 30 minutes off of my skate marathon time” – Jason N. Rochester, MN

In our standard learn-to-skate program, we offer a fun progressive learn-to-skate format for all ages and abilities.  Within the program we offer strategically placed guided trail skates to get you safely skating Minnesota’s famed trail system.  With us you can learn-to-stop at any speed on any hill and have FUN while doing it!

” I was surprised at the personal attention that was given to every student regardless of skill level!” – Mark K.



February 2021: After years of developing world first inline skating techniques and classes for  inline skaters,  our lead  instructor has taken a indefinite hiatus due to unforeseen,  inhospitable forces directed at our school by local, national and international  competitors within the emerging inline and roller skate education and event industries.  Our skate shop will remain open. Please contact us with skate equipment and accessory needs. We will love to assist you with your equipment needs.

To continue your inline instruction, we recommend contacting Mike Cofrin, the owner of the Rollerdome/operator behind the scenes of US Bank Stadium Winter  Warm Up who  has  numerous skating education programs, clubs and events  supported with contracts and partnerships with various municipal, state, media, retail,  skate manufacturers, governing bodies and government entities, which is new information coming into focus for us.  After years of obstructing our business and repeated attempts to absorb our skate school, we give up. In response, we  are  sending you directly to our main competitor, Mike Cofrin.

We also recommend contacting Bart Pierce of Pierce Skate and Ski whose store has been dubbed the marathon training headquarters with imminent access to preferred coaches/instructors, skate schools and camps such as camp rollerblade, skate journeys, and all things IISA Zephyr, Zephyr camp rollerblade, Zephyr marathon training and Zephyrs free skate lessons, Zephyrs inline certification program.

Zephyr and Rollerblade mandate certified instructors teach for free for them.  Bart’s club has his own clinics, which people paid for in memberships, etcetera. They have developed a regional all skill level club and training program to support all levels of skating, including marathons. They have active coaches and instructors. They have a team  I offered half price lessons. They demanded free lessons and deprived me and my school  the opportunity to support, grow or receive exposure via sponsoring local events.   These tactics to exclude and destroy my school while feigning support and misleading me,  continue today.

Instrumental in its development are  Mike Cofrin, Michael Anderson (now Stanton –  who owns the inlineskatempls.com website), Danny Frederick, Martha Flynn, James Kauth and Allan Wright and more.

Finally, we recommend contacting Allan Wright, who as a board member, secretly purchased the rights to the International Inline Skate Association, a sanctioning body for races and event, for $1 and hostily restructured the entity/ies and  its programs into his non profit and for profit programs without notifying paying members that, also in part, is a nationalizing skate school (Skate Journeys Skate School) competing against those they certify and sanctions (or is poised to sanction) every marathon and racing event or skate event you see popping up around the country, while promoting his Zephyr and Rollerblade Skate Camps, Schools,  and other brands such as Alien Inline and Skate PE.  He ensures contracts are exclusive and for his companies.

After I informed Mike Cofrin I am aware Allan Wright owns the International Inline Skate Association and commissioned its programs, Allan scrubbed the website  and redirected the IISA website directly to his flagship company, Zephyr Adventures.  The IISA, as  previously mentioned,  has MANY inline skating education companies such as: the inline certification  program,  skate ia memberships, the national skate patrol, government programs — all of which are currently functional in the twin cities and poised to openly operate in the the twin cities… when I am gone.

As a consequence for my  refusal to provide unlimited free skate lessons and prominent promotion for Rollerblade, Mike and Zephyr, in exchange for  10% off a tour and 10 sets of skates I was to rent for free, wear, store and maintain, Rollerblade and Zephyr threatened to destroy  my business,  and they are making good on the promise.  The IISA is running the association for personal benefit, blacklisting us from participation in the development of the sport,  and harassing us on the phone, online, in text messages, in emails, in our lessons, in meetings, and on social  media with the goal of eliminating my school from existence. All while taking my money.  So, in part, the Rollerdome Skate School owned by Mike Cofrin can promote itself. Skate in School program can promote itself, Allan’s Skate PE can promote itself.  We are done dealing with the harrassment and instead sending you to our harassers who claim to not have schools, teams, coaches, instructors or clubs. They do. And they want certified instructors, owned by Allan and skate manufacturers to teach for free for them. I say,  PAY THEM, since you own their certifications, and memberships.

When you pay evite, webscorer or PayPal for one of these skate programs/events, consider where your money might be going?  And demand answers. Because these enablers of the emerging inline and roller skate education and events are going to get paid, while telling you they are “volunteers” and suggesting you “volunteer”.  Be sure the skate manufacturers pay you for your teaching, because they are getting paid by running their own skate schools.

That said, we are deeply appreciative of every student and customer who has supported us throughout the years. We never would exist without you.

However,  as described, the climate in the U.S. inline  education industry is  hostile to  competition, and is instead trending towards a monopoly and oligopoly for Zephyr and associates. Happy Zephyr Rollerblade, K2, Bont monopoly oligopoly day!

You can contact Allan Wright at the International Inline Skate Association’s  website at iisa.org.  He redirected the IISA website to his flagship company, Zephyr Adventures in February 2021.

You can contact Mike Cofrin, owner of the longstanding Rollerdome Skate School and much more at mike@podiumsportsmarketing.com

Thank you again for all of your support.  And we wish you the best of luck finding a qualified instructor/coach that suits your needs.

I am officially “retired” from teaching.

Now go promote your programs Mike! Come on! Put them all out there!

Happy Skating